Argan Oil 1.8oz

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Argan Oil 1.8oz


Argan Oil tightens and firms skin.  This multi-purpose superstar can be used on your face, hands, nails, and body. Made with 100% Pure Argan Oil, this non-greasy, lightweight, and gentle facial serum is infused with Spanish Lavender and has been known to reduce the look of wrinkles.  Don’t look anywhere else, if you want the full package, get your Argan Oil today. Trusted formula. 

"I have had fewer breakouts, my skin feels hydrated and my line line wrinkles are improving. I had this weird dry line in the crease of my neck, and it's almost gone." -Tressa N.


Simply put a few drops in your hands and rub together and pat onto face, neck, or other areas. You can also tame frizzy hair in a pinch. 


Intensive Argan Oil strengthens nails and cuticles and restores skin to a healthy glow. Made with Moroccan Rose Extract.

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