Coconut Visible Repair Oil 1.8oz

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Coconut Oil 1.8oz.jpg

Coconut Visible Repair Oil 1.8oz


For Coconut Oil lovers, Advanced Clinicals has created an oil that contains multi-beneficial ingredients scientifically proven to repair skin dryness and harsh creases. Made with fast absorbing Monoi De Tahiti Oil, this facial oil not only works miracles on your skin, it smells great and contains only the best ingredients to restore skin’s suppleness. This intensive Coconut Oil will visibly nourish your skin. Tropical ingredients nourish and renew skin to a soft and smooth touch. Paraben-Free and gentle for sensitive skin. 

"I simply apply a dab to the ends every morning after I shower, and holy softness. That said, I’ve also used it on my face whenever I start feeling too dried out. It almost immediately softens things up, and I don’t break out. -Kelly Larkin


Apply Coconut Oil in a variety of ways. Find out what works for you. Use a tiny amount all over your body after showering, apply a dab to the ends of your hair as a daily protectant, or nourish at the end of the day before bedtime for serious renewing and hydration. Use as a body oil once a week for an intensive moisturizing experience.


Hibiscus, Frangipani, Kau Pe, Ylang Ylang and Lotus flowers target dry areas and environmental damage. Concentrated facial serum visibly softens the look of acne scars.

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