Jojoba Clear Skin Oil 1.8oz


Jojoba Clear Skin Oil 1.8oz


Jojoba Clear Skin Oil is regarded as a miracle for blemish-prone skin. Many outside stressors aggravate the discomfort of dry skin, like acne medications, or climate changes. This golden oil is a strong moisturizer that restores suppleness to skin that often looks older due to dryness. Face serum promotes clarity in your skin tone and refines pores. Highly concentrated, Jojoba Clear Skin Oil instantly quenches dry, damaged areas without shine.  

"It truly does moisturize the skin and helps it feel softer. I use the moisturizer twice a week and my skin feels amazing." -Lucy A. via Amazon


Put a few drops in your hands and rub together, pat onto face, neck, or other areas. Tip: add 5 drops to your moisturizer for added boost of hydration.


Jojoba Clear Skin Oil has an identical chemical structure to the natural oils of your skin and hair, quickly absorbs. Made with hydrating Rosehip Oil.

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