AC Treatment to the Rescue

Repair your tired, dried out skin with therapeutic, intensive care creams and lotions. Post-summer repair begins here. Thanks to #advancedclinicals #advanceyourskintothenextlevel

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Fall is here, and we are ready to rev up our skincare routines. Fall brings dry skin and we have created quality facial serums with superstar skin ingredients that will soothe, nourish, and renew your skin. Still, you may need a little body love. Maybe you want to solve some serious skin issues on your bod like wrinkling, dark spots, and stretch marks.

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Cue our Treatments. This week we will shine a light on Anti-Wrinkle Therapeutic Cream, Dark Spot Therapeutic Cream, and Stretch Mark Intensive Care Lotion. These creams and lotions will focus on those specified problem areas. They are intentionally created with specific ingredients to fix these common skin issues. We got you covered.

Here are all of our therapeutic, intensive care creams available. Foot care will be featured soon.

Wrinkles, dark spots, and stretch marks show up. Everyone has this issue. You are not alone. We all experience stress, aging, and environmental issues. Dark Spots come from similar issues, but mainly sun damage and not protecting your skin well. Stretch marks are the result of a number of things, including weight change, growth spurts, and pregnancy. We want to help you treat these skin dilemmas with focused treatment creams.

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What do these treatments have in common? They are all enriched with Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil to soothe, protect, and nourish. They are all clinically formulated and designed to help solve certain issues. Let’s take a closer look.

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Anti-Wrinkle Therapeutic Cream

·       Made with Retinol, best anti-aging ingredient, helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines

·       You can use this therapeutic cream all over your body, hands, and face

·       Rosehip Oil, a superstar skincare ingredient for firming and tightening skin

·       Peptides visibly reduce wrinkles and plump tired-looking skin


Dark Spot Therapeutic Cream


·       Vitamin C-enriched to promote even skin tone and reduce blotchy spots

·       Licorice gives you brighter skin tone, Jojoba Oil restores skin’s moisture

·       Shea Butter and Coconut Oil help to smoothe, nourish, and firm skin

·       Therapeutic Cream promotes uniform skin tone and restores suppleness


Stretch Mark Intensive Care Lotion

·      Coffee Bean, expert ingredient in firming and promoting smoother skin

·       Licorice lessens dark spots and discoloration occurring with stretch marks

·       Micro-Algae reduces stretch marks, improve skin’s elasticity

·       Formulated with top rated Retinol, all-star skin firming ingredient

Love your skin with our therapeutic creams. Image c/o

Love your skin with our therapeutic creams. Image c/o

These #TreatmentTubes are guaranteed to show results within about 6 to 8 weeks if used consistently. The key is to apply these intensive and therapeutic creams to your problem areas or imperfections with medium pressure, working the cream in a circular motion. All of our intensive creams are gentle enough for your face too. We encourage you to use twice daily for best results.

What's the best thing about them? They come in 8 ounces. It's hard to find a wrinkle cream, dark spot cream, or stretch mark cream in this product size. They are typically a lot smaller. Don't worry, we won't run out on you. 

They are also safe for all over use, body, face, hands. Make it part of your daily routine.

We understand you may not want to broadcast these skin issues, but they’re there and we’re here to help. With love, The Advanced Clinicals Team