7 Scary Benefits of Going Makeup-Free

Halloween is Saturday and if you’re someone who loves piling on the makeup for a scary or creative costume, it might be a good time to counteract the pore-clogging effects by going make-up free to give your pores a break. Here are 6 scary benefits of going makeup-free post Halloween-face-caking.

Image c/o www.brit.co

Image c/o www.brit.co

#1 – Your skin will be able to breathe

Image c/o dreamstime.com 

Image c/o dreamstime.com 

When you pile on your makeup, your pores are taking in a lot of excess material. Your skin is your largest organ and it's time to give that wonderful organ a break from being exposed to product. Even if you incorporate quality face serums like ours into your routine, your skin will feel overwhelmed with heavy makeup. 

It's vital to cleanse your skin before bedtime to give your pores a break, but even better to do a makeup-detox for several days. You will notice a difference. Your skin will radiate a healthy, beautiful glow and will look much cleaner. Isn’t that better than a face covered in makeup?

#2 – Creativity crops up in your tresses. Accessorize in other ways, with your hair.

Image c/o www.instyle.co.uk

Simplicity really goes a long way. Add a barrette or hairpiece as you go sans makeup. There are so many adorable headpieces and styles for your hair. Have fun removing your attention from makeup and put a little more love and energy into your hair while your skin breathes.

#3 – You won’t spend so much time on your face.

Tick tock, you don't stop. 

Tick tock, you don't stop. 

Some women spend at least 20 minutes putting makeup on their face. When you let go of this routine, you will have more morning time to maybe enjoy a nice breakfast, read a quality book, write down your thoughts, meditate, practice some yoga or exercise. Whatever it may be, it could just be a scary great start to your day. Your time is valuable. 

#4 – You'll develop your minimalistic sensibility AND save money.

You will get better at making minimalistic choices and in the long run, spend less on makeup and save money.

#5 – Embrace yourself just the way you are.

Image c/o womanandhome.com 

Why do you wear makeup? If you like wearing makeup, you're not alone and it's completely fine, so just notice the thoughts around it. Love yourself, just the way you are

The wonderful thing about natural beauty is that your original features stand out more when they are not covered in makeup.

#5 – Think of it as a holiday for your skin.

Cue Beyonce sans makeup, bare faced beauty. Image c/o minikittourbeauty.wordpress.com

One of the best things you can do for your skin is give it a break from too many products. While skincare is essential and gives your skin juicy antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients to absorb, makeup can have the opposite effect.

Everyone deserves a vacation, especially your skin. Makeup can irritate your skin, cause acne, or even make acne worse. The best thing you can do to avoid this is look for hypoallergenic makeup. Makeup vacation booked!

# 6- Consequences could be unexpected, in a good way.

Hmmm, wonder what will happen. Image c/o dreamstime.com

Hmmm, wonder what will happen. Image c/o dreamstime.com

When you make a conscious effort to change something and make a positive difference in your life in one small way, you may begin to notice other small changes. Perhaps you will feel good about yourself and you may want to detox from something else that does not lift you up or make you feel good. Maybe you will decide to declutter that area of your home you’ve been putting off. When you stop engaging in excess, good things happen. Perhaps you’ll notice a change happening within the mind, less worry for example. This is a good thing.

#7 Making a positive influence.

Image c/o www.vi.visualize.com

Image c/o www.vi.visualize.com

If you begin to change in a positive way and exude your confidence and authentic self without makeup, that could positively influence others. Acceptance and self-love is contagious.

The benefits are endless and it's time you gave your skin a mini vacation. Don't be scared, the benefits are scary great. With love from Advanced Clinicals. #scaryskincarebenefits #makeupfree