Advance understanding of active ingredients

The Misconception

When it comes to active ingredients, some consumers think a higher percentage of an active ingredient is “better.” Well, hate to break it to you, but it’s not. Ultimately, the performance of a skincare formula has more to do with the unique combination of ingredients.

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The reality is this: skincare formulas are complex and a lot of effort and work goes into the ingredient selection, the percentage of ingredients, the smell, the feel, and the purpose. The final formula reflects all of that research and time.

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The Goal

One formula may specifically be designed to firm skin, another to reduce the appearance of dark spots, and another to reduce wrinkles. Each formula is carefully crafted mindfully and thoughtfully by experts so that the product serves all skin types, safely and efficiently so you see results.

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Unique Blend of Ingredients

For example, the performance of one our skincare products like Coconut Oil, has more to do with the dynamic and specific combination of ingredients in the formula, the pH level, (at or below 5.5 to complement your skin’s “acid mantle” pH) and a good combination of ingredients that absorb into your skin, and those that sit on top like Mineral Oil. Mineral Oil acts as a great barrier sitting atop the skin, read more about Mineral Oil here.

Just the Right Amount

If you think you need a large amount of Retinol to see results, for example, you have been misinformed or are living under a false assumption. The amount of Retinol you have in your product should not be hefty. Think of it like this: if you take a vitamin or mineral supplement every morning, the dosage matters. You would not want to overdo your intake as it could actually harm your health.  

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You’re In Good Hands

*We have a few products that contain active ingredients: Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Retinol, and Vitamin C. The amount of these active ingredients is safe and effective for your skin. They are not too high. If they were high, then they would be classified as a drug.

*Also, If there was a large dosage of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, that is akin to receiving a chemical peel and this is definitely something you would not want to do to your skin every day. We have created intentional dynamic formulas for everyday use to support supple, glowing skin.

*More of a good thing can cause adverse reactions. If we made a product with ample amount of Vitamin C, your skin could be more prone to breakouts, and sun sensitivity. Bottom line, you’re in good hands and the amount of ingredients is carefully selected so your skin will benefit.

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We Got This

The percentage of active ingredients really is a unique, synergistic thing and it’s best you leave it to the experts, like us. Advance your skin to the next level. Advanced Clinicals.