Which Serum is Right For You?

We want to help you choose the best serum. But, here’s something you may not have considered… you could benefit from more than just one... If you're unsure which serum to use, the answer may be in the combination of products you're using.

Finding one you love is great, but consider using multiples. Image c/o #advancedclinicals

Finding one you love is great, but consider using multiples. Image c/o #advancedclinicals

One of the best things you can do for your skin is give it variety. We understand that achieving skin clarity and a glowing complexion can be tricky. One pro-active way to fight wrinkles and get that dewy look is to nourish your skin with the most concentrated skin-rejuvenating ingredients. It doesn't hurt to mix up the combinations of those specialty ingredients. The more, the merrier, right? 

Advanced Clinicals premium face serums feature quality ingredients designed to transform your skin.

Advanced Clinicals premium face serums feature quality ingredients designed to transform your skin.

Breaking it down. Why should you use it in the first place?

Serums are the stars of your skincare regimen. You should be using a serum because they contain strong, concentrated, active ingredients that provide a more comprehensive approach for reducing signs of aging in the skin and deliver hydration and beneficial antioxidants. Your cleanser gets rinsed off, then your serum penetrates your skin, then you apply your moisturizer. Moisturizers contain more fluid and are more hydrating, whereas serums have less fluid and therefore are more potent and ingredient-centric.

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Here’s a little highlight of our face serums

Alpha Hydroxy Acid - This serum is intended to exfoliate and recover skin cells allowing the skin to truly clean itself and thus appear smoother. Clear complexion complete.

Argan Oil - Multi-purpose serum can work on split ends, cuticles, and your face. Argan Oil will help restore luminosity, minimize wrinkles, and firm skin. Lightweight yet powerful for helping relieve skin conditions like acne.

Coconut - Coconut Oil diminishes the look of acne scars, instantly quenches dry skin, and restores suppleness. Works well with most skin types and is an Advanced Clinicals favorite. #ACfave.

Collagen - This face serum can help increase skin's elasticity, renew firmness, and support supple skin. This elixir is a little more milky compared to our other serums.

Jojoba - Golden Jojoba Oil will help reduce the appearance of bumps, skin redness. Enhanced with calming Rosehip Oil to smooth and combat dryness.

Retinol - One of the most widely known ingredients to transform skin is Retinol. Retinol, Vitamin A, can help stimulate cellular renewal, brighten and even out skin tone, and increase luminosity, which will give you that glowing, radiant skin you desire.

Vitamin C - This ingredient will help reduce damage from the environment like pollution and UV sun damage, working to even out skin tones. Helps protect against free-radical damage.

Most of our serums contain a more integrative mix of antioxidants that are intended to deliver and renew skin. That’s why utilizing all of them is one of the best ways to maximize your skincare potential. Start with two or three and see what works for you. 


When you alternate your serum use, your skin is receiving multiple benefits. Think of it like this – you feed your body many different nutrients to maintain optimal health, right? You can do the same for your skin and it actually will give you a more balanced diet for your skin. Makes sense, right?

Mix it up, Layer, Make Your Own Serum Cocktail

Taking a cue from Korean Skincare, you can mix and match your needs. You can also get fancy and maybe gently massage in different serums in different locations, mix serums, layer serums. But, you can also keep it simple. If you get to know your serums, just like you get to know your fashion sense, then you will become even more savvy. When your skin is in need of a little exfoliation, you may go for Alpha Hydroxy Acid serum. If you want a little more hydration or deep skin nourishment you may want some Argan Oil or Coconut Oil. That's the beauty of gaining you own "serum-sense." #serumsense


Simple, healthy habits are key for a successful skincare regimen. Consistency is great, but giving your skin variety is also pretty fabulous. While it's great to be loyal to one product, when you differentiate your serums due to skin changes, weather changes, seasonal changes, etc, your skin will be incredibly grateful.

Check-in with your skin

Like foods, exercise styles, and fashion – everyone has a different personal taste. Your skin is no exception. You might notice that one serum does not match your skin perfectly. Try using less. All you really need is a pea-sized amount. Lightly massage your skin gently. Maybe that ingredient just doesn’t correspond well to your particular skin. Pay attention to your skin, because everyone’s skin is unique. If you have serious skin issues, please go see a dermatologist

Important note: Not everyone's skin can layer on serums or should. We are not suggesting you pile on every face serum. We are saying that you can benefit from using Vitamin C during the day for antioxidant protection, and Retinol at night to treat deep wrinkles. When skin is particularly dry as seasons change, reach for an oil to provide deep hydration.

Have fun with your serums. Not to brag or anything, but here at Advanced Clinicals, we are pretty in love with these face serums and we love what they do for your skin. They are serious, but that doesn't mean you have to follow some unspoken rule of only using one. Find your fun facial strategy with #advancedclinicalsfaceserums. Practice #varietyinyourskincare. November is #lovetheskinyouarein month. #funfacialstrategy #theserumeffect #norules