Coco for Coconut

In honor of National Healthy Skin Month, we want to brag about our Coconut Moisturizing Cream. And there’s a couple reasons why. One, it’s a best-seller, and two, all of us at Advanced Clinicals love it. We always have one in the bathroom and at our desks. Healthy skin begins with this beauty.

This holiday season treat yourself and your loved ones to this luxurious Spa Size Coconut Oil Moisturizing Cream. There is something special about the gentle Coconut-Lavender scent and the fast-absorption that happens after you massage into your skin. Thanks to Mineral Oil, moisture is locked in to truly smooth and soften skin. We love this cream for fall and winter months, especially since you want to be whisked away to more tropical regions. Also, your skin is a bit more parched and dehydrated so replenish that moisture all over your body from your face to your feet. 

Contains a subtle to-die-for Coconut-Lavender scent Image c/o

Designed for everyday use, morning and night. You can decide if you want to use it more, we're convinced you will. We call it Spa Size because it won’t run out on you. Made with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Chamomile, and Lavender, this cream restores moisture and helps to soften dull, dry skin. Nourish with one of the best ingredients to recover and replenish skin: Coconut Oil - now in a moisturizing cream. 

Coconut bliss delivered, now in a soothing, smoothing cream. Image c/o

Coconut bliss delivered, now in a soothing, smoothing cream. Image c/o

These ingredients work together to help smoothe, soften, and deeply moisturize the skin. Once you use it, you'll want to make sure you have one in the bathroom, at your bedside, at your desk, and at your gym. The ingredients also retain their quality as they come packaged in an air-tight pump.

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If you haven't completed your Christmas shopping and are still wondering what to get, Advanced Clinicals Coconut Cream is the perfect gift. Make it a nightly bedtime ritual after bathing or keep it in your locker at the gym and recover skin after that intense workout.

Advance your skin to the next level with Advanced Clinicals. You're welcome. #CoconutCream