Love the Skin You are in

Say thank you

It’s that time of year again. Time to spend quality moments with family and loved ones and say thank you. Even if you do not celebrate this holiday tradition of “giving thanks,” it doesn’t hurt to implement gratitude into your daily life. #everydayisagift

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Glow with gratitude

Since our job at Advanced Clinicals is to help you get glowing, clear skin, here are some gentle reminders how being grateful helps give you that beautiful glow. Practicing simple behaviors that embody gratitude truly set your busy, congested mind free. What does that mean for your skin? Not only will your skin be radiant with quiet, calm, joyful love, but your heart will too. Be thankful. It’s the most beautiful way to find peace. Outer beauty begins with inner beauty. When you create calm and less stress, your health improves and you are likelier to have healthy, glowing skin

Adopt an attitude of gratitude

While it’s necessary to practice great skincare routines and moisturize with quality ingredients like ours, whether it’s skin-transforming Retinol every night or lovely, soothing Coconut Cream, it’s even more important to exude kindness, for that’s the most beautiful aspect of anyone’s character. When you get lost in the drama of what's going on around you, just remember the joy of a child and try to adopt an attitude of gratitude. #attitudeofgratitude

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Find calm in the storm

We get it. With all that is happening in the world today, it can be profoundly difficult to find calm and joy sometimes. One of the best and easiest ways to practice peace in the world when you feel stressed, unhappy, or overwhelmed is to focus on gratitude. Here are some more tips for when you feel a bit frazzled for whatever reason. We are only human. 

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Practice self-care

Greet the day with a smile and make your morning and nightly routine one of mindfulness and gratitude. Laser focus your gratitude by focusing on small things, you may take for granted. Be grateful for your skin. It is an impeccable instrument in so many ways. Nourish your body with a Spa Size Coconut Cream moisturizer from us and deeply hydrate and give yourself a mini facial with our premium face serums. Try to give yourself a moment to yourself and focus on things that you are grateful for. Maybe write for ten minutes or just get quiet and think about it. You could even do this with your partner or a best friend and hold each other accountable by asking them three things thing they are grateful for at the end of every day.

Don't be afraid of touch

Infuse touch into your day. The skin is a sensory organ and the largest organ of the body. One way you can help encourage others to be grateful is by reminding them they are valued, appreciated, seen, and heard. When we were babies, touch was our first understanding of safety and comfort in the world. Touch can be incredibly powerful. Even if you are not a hugger, a gentle tap of kindness or a kind handshake can go a long way. 

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No more complaining

One clear example you are not grateful is if you complain. Try to stop complaining. When you complain, you are infusing yourself and your environment with toxic, negative energy. Engaging in negative behavior is a true indicator of an ungrateful heart. Choose kindness and stop encouraging more drama. It begins with you.

Quality attention

It's never too early to implement positive behaviors and loving habits. Be grateful for all those little things that go unnoticed and be a little kinder. Give yourself loving self-care by moisturizing nightly. Not only will your skin be smoother and softer, but you will notice other areas of life shifting because you are devoting loving, quality attention to yourself. Again, try to adopt an attitude of gratitude and love the skin you are in. 

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We also want to express our gratitude to all of our loyal customers, followers on Facebook, friends on Instagram and Twitter. Thank you to all of the staff too who work so hard to make Advanced Clinicals a success. Be the love and the change you want to see in the world. Advance your skin to the next level. Advanced Clinicals. #gratitude #exudebeauty #lovetheskinyouarein #happy-skin-giving #adoptanattitudeofgratitude