The Advanced Placement Serum Course

It’s the holiday season! Time to get together with family and friends and engage in some gift-giving. If you really want to give something she will truly appreciate and use, make sure you include Advanced Clinicals. See our essential holiday gift guide to help you get started. We have ultra-renewing face serums that are sure to dazzle her as well as skin-softening Spa Size moisturizers. Learn about all of our serums here. Once you’ve decided on a face serum or face oil, do not ignore the value of applying them correctly. Follow this number one rule: Don’t congest your skin with too much, but don’t neglect your skin by going too light.

For the woman who wants to truly look her best and reverse the aging process, getting a premium face serum is the way to go. But don’t just stop there. Give this gift mindfully by sharing your knowledge and make sure she knows exactly how to apply and utilize this serum to attain all of the benefits.

We could go on and on about why you should invest in a serum but basically here’s why: Serums contain more concentrated and higher quality ingredients. They firm, smooth, and rehydrate skin. Also, facial serums are formulated to address natural skin issues as well as improve skin conditions and make skin shiny, beautiful, and healthy. They come equipped with superstar, anti-aging antioxidants and hydrators.

Select a serum first and apply it correctly second. #smarterskincare

Select a serum first and apply it correctly second. #smarterskincare

Implementing a serum into your skincare routine is one of the best things you can do. Now, here are your handy tips on applying your serum properly so you do not negate the wonderful consequences of radiant, glowing skin.


Advanced Placement Serum Tips #APstatus

1.     It’s imperative that you apply your serums to clean skin. Since serums are intensive and come with concentrated ingredients it’s best if they go onto clean skin. Makes sense, right? Also, this is why serums are so costly. They contain the best ingredients to transform skin.

2.     The serum should go onto clean, lightly moist skin. You can pat a warm towel to your face to moisten a bit if you’d like. This helps to awaken the pores so that the serums’ ingredients get delivered well. Damp is best, dry is okay.

3.     Please be gentle with your skin. Apply a small amount of the serum to your fingertips and then press little dots all over the face, gently massage upward in a circular motion and be mindful to get all over your face and neck or décolleté areas too! Don’t press too hard, but be firm, massaging with short strokes.

 4.     It’s time to tap. While the serum is still a little wet on the skin, before it’s fully absorbed, tap the skin gently for a little less than a minute. This will stimulate the serum to fully absorb into the many layers of your skin.

Clean face, gentle strokes, not too little, not too much, and tap. Image c/o

Clean face, gentle strokes, not too little, not too much, and tap. Image c/o

5.     Trust your senses. If you feel tingling, don’t be alarmed. This could simply mean that the ingredients are getting into your skin, where they need to be to perform their magic. Note that most likely you will experience tingling with Retinol or Vitamin C.

6.     Final point for your AP lesson? Please be patient. Try to allow for the serum to fully absorb before you apply your moisturizer. 

One of the easiest rules of thumb is to stick with the rules of layering. Go from light to thick. Begin with the lightest, water-based formulas ending with the thickest heaviest moisturizers. Your serum is your integral middle man.

Depending on your skin, you may want to skip the moisturizer and assign your face oil as your moisturizer. Our recommendation? Get to know your skin. Maybe your skin is not that dry and the face serum rehydrates your skin just enough. Congrats! Maybe moisturize on those days when you feel you need it, like during the colder, winter months when your skin may be dryer.

Gorgeous, glowing skin. Image c/o

Gorgeous, glowing skin. Image c/o

When you give your skin this quality, focused attention you are truly making the most of your products, using them properly and effectively. Lucky for you, our face serums and face oils should last for a long time.

Extra credit: If you need extra hydration, mix a few drops of Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, or Coconut Oil into Alpha Hydroxy Acid Serum, Retinol, or Collagen. These act as boosters. Mix and apply. 

Gift yourself and gift loved ones with an essential beauty item and supporting advice on how to use it. Happy holidays #ACbeauties #APstatus #advancedclinicals #advanceyourskin #theserumeffect #giftyourselfwithAC #youareagift