Behold! What Exactly is Beauty?

Beauty means a lot of different things to different people. To me, personality is beautiful. It’s not simply appearance. When I find someone attractive, it’s quite often because I like their attitude, the way they treat people, and appearance is often secondary.

Still, beauty is sought after among cultures and preferences vary. In this blog, I want to explore various features of beauty – because won’t you be surprised – around the world sexy means different things.

Synonymous with fashion trends and ideals, beauty evolves and changes and ultimately, cultures decide what beauty is. Whether there’s a historical context involved or cultural icons to be imitated, the definition of beauty sure is something to behold.


  • Necking Attention

In Thailand and Burma, women in the tribes wear brass rings as early as five years old with the intention to stretch their necks long. Why? Having a long neck is beautiful. Guess how many rings is thought to be ideal? Thirty-necking-seven.

  • Heavier is better

Moving over to Mauritania, it’s considered sexy to be quite large so women consume lots of calories to keep up with that beauty standard. Why? The sign of being bigger is akin to status and wealth because you reveal that you have access to food, and you rank higher as a potential wife.

Photo c/o Vice, HBO


  • Tats on Face

Cue Mike Tyson jumping for joy, take a trek to New Zealand to don a face tattoo and get mad love. Tattoos are deemed sexy and the more you have, the better.


  • Nose jobs

Let’s take a trip to Iran. Interestingly, nose jobs are all the rage and to prove that they have received the surgery, women will wear bandages on their nose. Some women even go so far to wear bandages even without having had surgery.



  • Long Earlobes

Stretching your earlobes is beautiful in Kenya. Women use stones and elephant tusk pieces to elongate their lobes.



It seems like individuals will go to great lengths to reach certain beauty standards. In the end, a great laugh, a calm demeanor, and thoughtfulness rank high in my book. Everyone’s got a different beauty standard, in the end, whether you live in China or the United States. Beauty is just one word, but it can means so many different things. Now, that’s pretty beautiful, don’t you think? What does beauty mean to you?