This Labor Day, Honor a #Labor of Love

Summer may be winding down but we're just getting started. In celebration of Labor Day coming up, all of us hard-workers at AC are nominating our friends, family, and co-workers who are dedicated to helping others. It's good to give without expecting anything in return.

Use #laboroflove and thank your friends, fam, or co-workers for contributing:

1.     They volunteer

2.     They help a neighbor with groceries

3.    They bring in food for co-workers (like Erika did today with Panera bagels, shout out!)

They do it all because they love to, not because they are getting a paycheck. Giving back feels good. Doing something nice is extremely satisfying. Love begets love. 

Tag your devoted friends that you're proud of. Submit your favorite volunteer, friends, fam member at our FacebookTwitter, or Instagram page. Share a pic of them volunteering. Tell us how they help out. Top five contributors win a brand new Advanced Clinicals face serum for themselves and their hard-working and labor-loving friend. Find your favorite face serum here.

And if you don't already have some Labor of Loves of your own, start with this little idea... mainly because I want you to see this picture. ;)

Give your pup or animal some love with a soapy bath after allowing him or her to get crazy dirty at the park. You know they love getting dirtyYou do it because you love your pup. #Puplove #laboroflove #lovejustcuz #selflessacts #giveaway

Lil pup. What a sweet little guy. A little mud never hurt anybody.

Share a #LaborofLove and receive some love from us. We love our AC customers. <3 #Laborofloves will continue through Labor Day, September 7th. Honor those who are selfless. 

We will reach out to you if you have won. You can share an unlimited number of #Laboroflove submissions. Notice love, give love, be love. XO.