Super Serum Close-Up: The Tropicals

As we bid adieu to summer, we’d like to get a bit tropical and take time out to introduce our tropical serums to you. Here they all are, catching some last-minute summer sun: Argan Oil Tighten & Firm, Coconut Visible Repair Oil, and Jojoba Clear Skin Oil. #TheTropicals #FaceSerums from #advancedclinicals

Brand new shiny serums. Use after cleansing, allow to absorb, then apply moisturizer and sunscreen. 

If you are not using a serum as part of your skincare routine yet, we highly suggest you start. Simply cleanse your face, pat dry, serum it up, and apply a quality Retinol or moisturizer. Maximize your skincare routine. Use on face daily and body for extra-moisture. Please be mindful to apply a moisturizer over top to seal the serum. Don't have one? Check out our Spa Size moisturizers for face and body care. 

Try to get into the habit of applying a serum as your nightly ritual, as your skin will rest and the ingredients will have time to work and absorb. It doesn’t hurt to also put your hair in a loose bun, so your hair doesn’t wrestle with your newly cleansed pores.


Here's the ultimate AC insider look at these tropical serums.

Let’s take a tropical trip to Morocco, where we get our first tropical superstar skin-rejuvenating ingredient: Argan Oil.

If Morocco speaks to you, this serum is meant for you. Here’s our Argan Oil face and body serum, multi-purpose, multi-beneficial. Made with pure antioxidant rich ingredients to restore and renew your skin.

From the Argan nut: liquid gold Argan Oil. Scroll down to where you'll find other Argan fans. 

·       Argan Oil considered “liquid gold” from Morocco, comes from the fruit of a native desert tree that’s rich in antioxidants and defends against environmental stress

·       Multi-purpose Argan Oil can be used on split ends and frizzy hair as well as nails and cuticles

·       Noticeably reduces the look of wrinkles and fine lines for a firm, taut look

·       Perfect and safe for all skin conditions, doubles as a face oil and body oil

·       Argan Oil is non-greasy and gentle on skin, absorbs quickly and easily

·       Legendary Argan Oil is naturally rich in Vitamin E, making it the perfect moisturizer and antioxidant superstar

·       Made with Pure Argan Oil, Vitamin C, Spanish Lavender, Sunflower Extract, Rosemary Extract, Rose Oil, and Vitamin E – all super antioxidant-rich and natural ingredients

·       Paraben-free

Hydrates and softens dry skin instantly. If you want the full package, this is your super serum. Let’s move on to our most popular tropical serum next! Coconut Visible Repair Oil. Coconut oil is well known for its amazing moisturizing properties.

If you want an #ACMVP, this will be the one. #superserum #coconutoil

Coconut Visible Repair Oil


Coconut Oil Visible Repair Oil

·       Face oil contains Tahitian Coconut Oil, which drenches skin with pure hydration

·       Soothes, renews, and deeply moisturizes your pores

·       Use all over your body for ultra-moisturizing once a week

·       Concentrated facial serum visibly softens the look of acne scars

·       Gentle spa-like tropical scent calms and whisks you away to tropical sandy beaches

·       Hibiscus, Frangipani, Kau Pe, Ylang Ylang and Lotus flowers target dry areas

·       Paraben-Free and gentle to sensitive skin

For Coconut Oil lovers, Advanced Clinicals has created a highly concentrated face oil that contains multi-beneficial ingredients scientifically proven to repair skin dryness, scars, and harsh creases. Made with fast absorbing Monoi De Tahiti Oil, this facial oil not only works miracles on your skin, it smells great and contains only the best ingredients to restore skin’s suppleness. Use as a body oil once a week for an intensive moisturizing experience. But, if this doesn’t sound like your match and redness is your issue, then Jojoba will be your gem. Next!

Here’s a super serum that contains Rosehip Oil to combat dryness and redness.

This is an image of the jojoba plant, where the oil is extracted from

·        Jojoba plant, native to southern Arizona, southern California, and northwestern Mexico.

·       Jojoba has an Identical chemical structure to natural oils of your skin and hair, quickly absorbs

·       Infuses skin with redness-fighting botanicals

·       Restores strength when skin is dehydrated due to acne medication, acids or climate change

·       Facial serum promotes clarity in your skin tone and refines pores

·       Instantly quenches dry, damaged areas without shine

·       Paraben-Free, non-sensitizing, won’t clog pores

Jojoba Clear Skin Oil is regarded as a miracle for blemish-prone skin. Many outside stressors aggravate the discomfort of dry skin, like acne medications, or climate changes. This golden oil is a strong moisturizer that restores suppleness to skin that often looks older due to dryness. Tip: add 5 drops to your moisturizer for added boost of hydration.


There you have it, our tropical serums. Coming soon, Alpha Hydroxy AcidRetinol, Collagen, and Vitamin C revealed. #serYUMserums #superserums. Um, These Aren’t Just Ser-UMs, They are Ser-YUMs. ;) 

Still not convinced to try our face serums? Well, how about this? Goats are willing to climb trees in Morocco to get to the Argan fruit. Now, that’s quality commitment. XO, from the AC team.