The Science Behind Beauty

Beauty as inspiration

With Inspiration as our theme for the month (read more on that here), what could be more fitting than focusing on beauty? Have you ever considered that as human beings, we actually need beauty to survive?

We need beauty.

Let’s take a closer look at beauty, get inspired by beauty, and invite you to think deeply about the value surrounding beauty and what beauty means to you. Is beauty as essential as air, food, and love? Many argue and agree beauty IS essential.

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Beauty motivates us.

Psychologist Nancy Etcoff states, “Do we need beauty to survive? Experiences of awe and pleasure and a sense of aspiration at what might be perfect in the world… beauty draws us in. [Beauty] takes us outside of ourselves and it motivates us and so I believe it is essential to life and happiness.” Have you ever turned to art and beauty to help inspire you? We are inspired by beauty, moved by beauty, and we create beauty! But what exactly IS beauty?

Beauty is art

Beauty may not only be a picture, a landscape, but also a feeling. Beauty is admired, appreciated, and felt. Beauty is art, music, dance, visual displays of human emotion and creativity. We react to things when they’re beautiful, but sometimes that’s not always for reasons you may think. We may react because of deep emotional experiences. Going further, sometimes we don’t always understand what is beautiful until we learn the story behind it. Beauty is understanding, beauty is relational, beauty is empathy and compassion.

Beauty is skill

Dennis Dutton argues that because of our ancestors, we value something done well. It’s the intelligent skills that are handed down that we value; skills that support our rich, emotional lives. Whether it’s a pleasing vision of nature or a skill that helps us advance in our lives, we all deeply value artistry, the science behind an invention or idea, something to improve the lives of others; all these things are considered beautiful.

Beauty is advancement

Beauty is enormously complex. It can connect us, motivate us, unite us, and inspire us. Isn’t that what life is all about? Bill Strickland, CEO of Manchester Bidwell Corporation says, “When I think of beauty, I think of life and hope and all of its enormous possibilities. Beauty is not just for the imagination. It actually is a way of alerting human behavior for the better.”  

Our business is beauty

At Advanced Clinicals we recognize that beauty is our business. We take it very seriously and we utilize science to deliver the best ingredients for healthy, radiant, glowing skin. We understand that we all want healthy, clear skin. It’s in our human nature to want to show our best face to the world. When it comes to beauty, we take our role very seriously. We are here to help you love your skin and tell you it’s never too late to begin daily self-care, starting with skin care maintenance.

Advanced Clinicals is #skinspired

It’s also about feeling good. When you engage in better habits, you will feel more beautiful. Love yourself and your skin by moisturizing after every shower with Spa Size creams. Improve the health of your skin with concentrated premium face serums and face oils. Find out here why they are absolutely necessary for you skin care regimen. Unsure where to begin? Most of our customers rave about Collagen Instant Plumping Serum and Coconut Oil Moisturizing Cream is everyone’s number one favorite for relieving dry skin. Get more info here on how to use your face serum. Want to know a little beauty secret? You are already beautiful, so give yourself the glow and attention you deserve.

Your natural beauty is something no one else has. Everyone on this earth is a genuine gift. Appreciate beauty, appreciate you, and make your own beauty in the world.

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Commit to beauty

As you refine and work on your goals, allow beauty to inspire you in all that you do. Cheers to a truly inspiring and beautiful 2016. #committobeauty #whatisbeauty #weneedbeauty #love #kindness #art #createbeauty #skinspiration #advancedclinicals #valueyourskin #beYOUtiful

Embrace beauty and love the skin you are in! #beautyiseverywhere