Top 5 Skin Problems & How We Can Help

Before we dive in, let's begin with this disclaimer: if you are suffering from serious skin issues and have never gone to see a dermatologist, we urge and encourage you to seek professional help. You owe it to yourself to get the quality attention you deserve. Do not postpone scheduling that appointment any longer!

However, if you see a dermatologist regularly or do not have extremely serious skin issues, then this is for you. We’re targeting some of the most common skin issues out there and how we can help! We maintain the integrity of all of our products and here's a little secret - by simply selecting ONE each - a face serum/oil and a Spa Size moisturizer - you're delivering antioxidant ingredients to your skin which will help alleviate dryness, redness, and wrinkling. In sum, you are in expert hands. Looking for a bit more help? Read on. We decided to focus on our serums and oils because we get most of our questions on these premium products.

#1 is Acne.  

Probably the most annoying skin problem out there, right? Breakouts are the worst. We get it.

Why do you have this problem? Several reasons: could be your genes, but could also be diet, health, and lifestyle habits too. You can also breakout because of your poor skin habits; think touching your face, overdoing it with products, stuff like that. But more scientifically, here’s what goes down: the natural oil in your skin mixes with dead skin cells. What’s the result? Clogged pores. Bacteria can build and you will see the dreaded zit, pimple, red bump, or acne.

How can we help? For starters, do what you can to eat healthy, exercise, and wash your face properly. Let us step in… Our AC picks: Jojoba Clear Skin Oil. Jojoba contains anti-microbial properties and contains iodine that helps prevent bacteria build-up, which otherwise causes acne breakouts. Alpha Hydroxy Acid Serum is also great for peeling skin naturally, by drying up the zits and pimples. It is a super strong exfoliator and helps keep skin clear.

#2 is Dry Skin.

This skin dilemma can be quite common and we have plenty of solutions for you.

Why dry? Dry skin is incredibly common in the winter because there’s less moisture in the air. It can also happen from hot showers and long baths. Pay attention to what soap you use as well, as harsh cleansers can rob your skin of essential moisture. Even your clothing can cause dry skin.

AC picks: Obviously the best thing you can do is restore moisture to your skin. Our top AC picks are plant-based formulas for natural, intensive hydration. Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, and Jojoba are all-stars for restoring moisture. Just don't overdo it with the application. Even our Alpha Hydroxy Acid Serum is great for resurfacing skin to a smooth texture. Okay, guilty! We’re in love with them all. Simply by smoothing your skin with a face serum or facial oil you are delivering antioxidant ingredients and moisture will be restored. Say goodbye to dry with any AC selection for major moisture-lovers.

#3 is Skin Tone.

Skin discoloration can be corrected with concealer and foundation, but it’s a pretty good indicator that something is up.

Why? Uneven skin tone could be the result of sun damage, most likely. It’s time you learned that sunscreen is non-negotiable. Also, hormonal changes could be the reason for changes in skin tone. Discoloration can occur because melanocytes, cells that produce skin tone, work harder during hormonal changes - like pregnancy, aging, and menopause.

AC picks: Vitamin C Anti Aging Serum has been proven to help diminish the visible discoloration dramatically. Our Anti Aging Serum also contains multiple forms of Vitamin C. Next pick is Retinol Anti-Wrinkle SerumRetinol has been clinically proven to help with everything from firming skin to reducing the look of wrinkles to promoting a more uniform skin tone.

#4 is Redness

Redness can sometimes appear healthy, but too much can be cause for concern.

Why? You may have sensitive skin, Unfortunately, regular redness could be a sign of bigger health problems. If it’s a frequent issue, get it checked out. But if it’s irregular, maybe it’s the red wine. We can help provide some redness relief. We know how to soothe, comfort and calm dry skin.

AC picks? Jojoba Clear Skin Oil. Containing ingredients like Licorice Extract, redness-fighting botanicals, and cooling Cucumber to calm skin; this is probably your best bet. We also recommend Alpha Hydroxy Acid Serum, enriched with Aloe Vera and Licorice Extract to calm the look of redness, this formula triggers renewal, exfoliates, and helps eliminate perfections. Could be the solution you’re looking for!

#5 is Aging

You already know you are beautiful, but it doesn’t hurt to give yourself some extra love for healthy, glowing skin. As you age, your skin will visibly show more sagging, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Why? When you don’t nourish your skin with beneficial ingredients, you could actually increase the damage. As you age, you stop producing Collagen. With less Collagen, you will lose suppleness, elasticity and notice visible wrinkling/fine lines. You’ll also experience drier skin. This can be remedied with moisture replenishment and antioxidants to help restore firm skin.

AC picks? Collagen and Retinol are game changers. Collagen Instant Plumping Serum helps plump skin, restore moisture, and completely revitalizes skin. Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Serum is an all-star for visibly restoring volume, correcting sun damage, and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. These are potent serums, made with natural-antioxidant ingredients to help lift, firm, and effectively nourish your skin. How do you salvage skin and get that youthful glow again? Start here.

collagen pretty leave bottle.jpg

Finally, please heed the Big C. Your biggest skin problem? Skin Cancer. Please always wear sunscreen. It’s hands down the best and most important thing you can do for your skin!

Skin care is an art. It’s a little love from you; it’s a little love from us. Develop some self-awareness with your skin and how you live your life. If you experience redness or acne, maybe try a different product. Pay attention! Do you bother to clean your face at night? Do you eat salty, greasy foods all day? Make necessary changes for your overall health.

It cannot be stressed enough that our integrative formulas will dramatically improve the condition of your skin, so whichever Advanced Clinicals product you choose, you’re already treating yourself to some serious "skinceuticals."