What is Holistic Beauty?

At Advanced Clinicals, our business is offering expert and affordable skin care. We receive lots of questions about skin issues, skin problems, and we are happy to help and provide answers. See our blog feature last week on top skin problems and our favorite Advanced Clinicals solutions. Still, you cannot ignore overall skin health and that’s where we want to invite you to pay greater attention to holistic beauty.

What is holistic beauty? Well, to start - holistic means that the whole is more than merely the sum of its parts. For example, in medicine, an experienced practitioner ideally would consider everything about a patient’s lifestyle for an optimal diagnosis. Makes sense, right? That’s a holistic approach. Now with beauty, this is more of a loaded definition. It’s a bit more complex. See our blog feature here on the science behind beauty. In its simplest essence, it’s a quality. So what does holistic beauty have to do with healthy skin?

Beauty is also linked to health. We are attracted to each other for a diverse multitude of reasons. Science abides; many of those subconscious reasons have to do with health. Great health is attractive. Will this potential mate be able to provide? Are they healthy enough to care for children? Will they pass on healthy genes? Are they well-educated? The biology of attraction is incredibly scientific and a lot of it has to do with Darwinian aspects, for the purposes of producing the fittest offspring. So in terms of health and beauty, beauty is a clear indicator of health and why we all care - because we want to be attractive, yes for ourselves, but for potential mating purposes, sustained connection, and love. And what's the first visible thing you see? Healthy skin.

In sum, if it’s beautiful to be healthy or desirable scientifically, then it would be wise to make your beauty goals health goals too. And that is what holistic beauty is all about. You must attend to your health and address issues that create imbalances. Naturally, right?

Take stress for example. Here are just a few skin imbalances: hives, psoriasis, acne, eczema. Most of these skin conditions are linked to stress or exaggerated by stress. We have some answers for these, but it's ludicrous to ignore other symptoms.

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Holistic beauty comes down to attention. If you have a disease or an illness, pay attention. Are you suffering from stress? Why? What’s happening in your life that might need to change? Notice where it comes from. It could be your job, your environment, relationships, even your personality and lifestyle habits, diet, etc. Holistic health and beauty make up all of these things. It basically comes down to the simple knowledge that everything matters. Big stuff huh?

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So if you want beautiful skin, you’ve got to have healthy skin. And how do you do that? Integration. Mind-body health is most notable when it comes to holistic health/beauty concerns. Yep. Your emotions and stress or lack thereof can dramatically affect everything!

From how much sleep you get at night to stressful work environments, everything in your life can have an impact on your health and as a consequence on your skin health and overall beauty and attractiveness. Think of it this way – with great joy and happiness in one area of your life, you may notice it spreads to other areas of your life and world. Conversely, the same applies. If you have suffering and toxicity in your life, that can also spread and influence your health, state of being, and wellness.

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The best thing to take away is that everything you do, your environment, your habits, your attitude, your relationships, and the food you eat works in concert and is not exclusive. When it comes to skin health and beauty, the most beautiful cosmetic accessory you can wear is a genuine, authentic smile. And if that seems farfetched, maybe some changes need to be made. That is the whole epitome of holistic beauty. It begins with deliberate attention. It doesn’t hurt to add a brand new face serum and moisturizer but it's imperative to practice healthy habits. You only have one life and you deserve it!

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