A Season of Skinspiration

January is often a month where we set resolutions and new goals for the coming year. Do you have any big beauty goals this year? Want to get in shape? Do you intend to love your body a little more? Whatever your goal is, now is the time for you to invest in your whole self, with attentive self-care, starting with your skin. Choose to love yourself and love your skin. #bodypositive #skinspiration #skintrospection #insPOREation, wink wink.

Find inspiration to help you on your journey towards your goals. A lot of people make January a sober or dry month. That’s a great goal for healthy skin. Another inspiring choice? Decide on a word for the year. It can be anything from: health, relax, body, chill, act, or love. Let's explore some more SKINspiring suggestions to make 2016 the most skinspired year ever. #holisticbeauty #wholeselfcare

Write your own inspiring ideas and goals down to keep track! #balance #wellbeing #healthyhabits #radiantskin

Skinspiring Suggestions

 1. Shine with a face oil or a face serum

This year, make a commitment to choose love and embrace beauty and inspiration. Prioritize self-care and begin with your skin, your most important and largest organ. We strongly encourage you to find a favorite facial oil or facial serum to truly hydrate your pores and strengthen the overall condition of your skin. Learn more about our serums here. They really are the most important players of any sophisticated, fabulous woman’s routine.  #weknow #expertskincare #beginwithskin

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2. Pamper with Spa Size moisturizers

Maintain glowing skin with our Spa Size moisturizers. They come packaged in airtight pump containers, are easy to use, and contain ultra-rich anti-aging, skin-restorative antioxidant ingredients. Want to know the best thing about them? They are great for your whole bod: face, hands, and feet. Keep one at your desk and one on your dresser for consistent moisturizing. Inspire yourself with the goal of looking your best, from head to toe.

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3. Treat yourself to focused attention

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Taking care of you is an act of inspiration. You are telling the universe that you love yourself. You are inspiring others to practice self-care. Treat your feet to a massage with Total Foot Renew. Delight yourself by taking action and working to improve those stretch marks with Stretch Mark Intensive Care Lotion. Quality attention yields quality results in all areas of your life… especially your skin. #holistichealth #betteryou #therapeuticcream

4. Get by with a little help from your celeb-inspiration, hello J.Lo

Image c/o independent.ie.com #beautyinspo #skinspo #skinspired #betterhabits

Sometimes we may not feel inspired. We're busy, running around, taking care of business. Frame a picture of a celeb you love or a family member you love who inspires you. Sounds weird, but try things on. This can act as a symbol or reminder to take care of yourself, when you may feel uninspired. See what works for you! Filling your environment with visual cues to go for that run, remove the makeup before bed, or lather up with Retinol are great initiators. Get inspired by J.Lo's skin care secrets here.

5. Inspiration-void? Create a vision board. 

Image c/o huffingtonpost.com  #moisturizedaily #loveyourskin #healthyhabits #inspiration #visionboard

Inspiration can be found inside yourself, through your own creativity and strengths. Inspiration can be found in other people too. Read a biography, find out what matters to people you admire. You can even find inspiration in things that are not even visible, like possibilities. Create a vision board or a bucket list and get inspired by things you want to accomplish.

6. Step away.

Obviously, inspiration can be found in nature. Go outside, travel, and take a walk. In this article on what inspires these creative people, Breanna Radermacher says, “As a designer, I find myself planted in front of a computer screen for long hours at a time; it’s a part of my job, after all. While it’s easy to say that I find loads of inspiration through visual blogs and social media websites like Pinterest (which I do), the truth is that I’m most inspired by stepping away from the screen.”  

Everyone’s inspiration will be different. Naturally, when you give your attention to what you love, what inspires you, you engage in habits of behaviors that align with that inspiration.  Devote more focused attention to your purpose and you promote more beauty, peace, and overall wellbeing and happiness in the world. Cheers to your #skinspired journey! #mindinspired #beautifulyou #beautifulskin #wellbeing #skinspo #beautyinspo #advancedclinicals