That is the question that every woman asks themselves at one point in their life. If you start to early you risk over doing it with products that have too many rich ingredients that may irritate your skin. But on the other hand, if you wait too long, the wrinkles and lines that have begun to form may almost be irreversible. Many women in their early 20's begin to express a concern in regards to aging skin. The biggest concern for women under their 30's is sun damage and dehydrated skin. Below are four must have products for every young lady in their twenties to combat signs of aging.

1. Essential Oils 

Oils boost hydration levels without causing breakouts or irritated skin. They help to maintain healthy and nourished skin while making your skin appear brighter and younger looking. 

2. Vitamin A 

Ingredients such as Retinol (a form of Vitamin A) work great to balance and tone uneven skin. Vitamin A evens out skin making sure that fine lines and age spots are almost invisible. By removing dead skin and unclogging blocked pores, you are allowing a smoother texture for all the rich anti-aging ingredients benefits to be soaked up. 

3. Eye Cream 

By your late 20's, dehydration lines or expression lines begin to set around the eye area so make sure to apply eye cream sooner rather later to reduce crows feet in their tracks. 

4. Sunscreen 

This is a very important step that many forget in their teens. Sunscreen is needed everyday  due to the damaging effect the sun has on skin. Many forget that sunscreen is actually the best anti-aging product on the market whether you want to believe it or not. Short term exposure can lead to dehydrate and malnourished skin. While long term exposure in the sun can cause premature aging, age spots, and wrinkles. So make sure you apply sunscreen before you leave the house everyday! 

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