Aloe Vera: Better than a Bouquet

If you’re a plant lover, then you’ll want to jump on the Aloe Vera bandwagon. Its reputation for healing, soothing and rejuvenating qualities is evident in the many products currently on the market. If you look closely, you’ll see many organic skin care products are focused around this key ingredient. In fact, many of our Advanced Clinicals products contain this lovely ingredient. Even the ancient Egyptians called it the “plant of immortality.”

So what exactly are the benefits of Aloe Vera? Well, the real question here would be, what doesn’t it treat?



Aloe Vera Helps With…

Acne and Scarring: Aloe Vera gel holds anti-inflammatory properties from two hormones called Auzin and Gibberellins. These properties not only reduce your current acne, but also stimulate growth for new cells, which promotes faster healing in a non-harsh way with little to no scarring.

Dryness and Oiliness: Combination skin is one of the hardest to treat, as it can be very difficult to find a product that treats both major skin issues. Treating a shiny and flaky complexion, along with acne, can be a complete nightmare. Thank goodness for Aloe, as it miraculously balances both. It acts as a dry barrier on the outside, while holding in moisture by binding cells and water together promoting hydration and skin cell renewal.

Aging: Aloe leaves contain two properties anti-aging lovers scream over: moisture and antioxidants. It is filled with skin-beta carotene and Vitamin C and E, which stimulates cell renewal (have you noticed how we keep repeating this?) six to eight times faster than your cells would produce normally on its own. Encouraged cell renewal = firm and refreshed skin.

Irritation and Sensitivity: Aloe is an emollient which helps soften and soothe skin while supplying oxygen to the skin cells. This encourages blood flow and strengthens skin tissue.

Sunburn: Aloe Vera is a powerful healer. It acts as a protective layer on the skin and helps replenish its moisture. Because of its nutritional and antioxidant qualities, the skin heals quicker.

Stretch Marks: Aloe Vera gel can help these stretch marks by healing the wounds left on your body, either from pregnancy or rapid weight gain/loss.



How to Integrate Aloe Into Your Life…

Make-Up Primer: Spread a thin layer onto your face after moisturizing and before putting on your foundation. It will keep your skin moisturized all day, while creating a matte finish, which eliminates oil and shine. It also acts as a protection barrier between your skin and makeup. Hallelujah! Praise Aloe Vera!

Face/Body Lotion: Mix Aloe Vera gel with pure Coconut Oil (view our post on Coconut Oil to read up on the benefits of that ingredient). Use this as a body moisturizer after the shower. Your skin will feel refreshed and renewed.

Face Mask: Face masks are crucial to achieving youthful skin, and it doesn’t hurt to add a little Aloe Vera in there once in a while. Mix a bit of Aloe into your mask (we love mixing this with Raw Honey, but that’s for another post), and it will provide a soothing/cooling effect to your skin. Simply amazing.

Advanced Clinicals incorporates Aloe in almost every single product as well. Whatever your problem area is, Advanced Clinicals is here to help.

The Wonders of Coconut Oil

If you’re a beauty product hoarder like most of us, then keeping track of all your bottles and concoctions overflowing on your vanity can be somewhat of a nightmare. You may have thought of downsizing but you can’t seem to let go of that favorite cleanser. Or moisturizer. Okay, and your lotions too. And you’re back to square one. Thankfully, there is a single item that can replace a handful of those products – even the ones you can’t seem to shed from your life. Better yet, it’s one hundred percent natural.



What makes Coconut Oil so special?

Coconut oil is the beauty essential that you’ve been waiting for. This moisturizing, antioxidant-filled miracle oil is beneficial in many ways. It is filled with saturated fats, called triglycerides, which not only plumps up the skin but also minimizes moisture loss through your skin’s pores. Coconut oil is also loaded with Vitamin E, which encourages the skin to repair itself and keeps your skin extra silky.

What can it do for me? 

Depending on how you use it, coconut oil can be your lifesaver. It can cure your acne, smoothen your hair, remove all of your makeup. Coconut oil is filled with Caprylic and Lauric Acids, which are the main properties that make up this beauty essential. These acids are antimicrobial and disinfecting, which means it will not clog your pores.


Which coconut oil is right for me? 

When using anything on your skin, it is important to use a reputable brand. Some terms to be aware of when purchasing are: “Extra Virgin” or “Virgin,” “Cold-Pressed,” “Organic,” “Raw,” and “Unrefined.” Natural and organic is always the best route to go.

What are some Coconut Oil creations?

Coconut sugar scrub: Mix in a mason jar 2 cups of coconut oil, 2/3 cup of body oil (Vitamin E and Jojoba oils are also great for skin), and 1 cup of organic raw white sugar. Apply all over body and face for a nice exfoliator in the shower.


Coconut body lotion: Mix in a mason jar 2 cups of coconut oil, ½ cup of body oil, ½ cup of aloe vera gel, 15 drops of essential oils (rosemary or lavender smells amazing). This lotion is extremely hydrating, fights aging and helps diminish stretch marks by nourishing damaged skin.

Coconut eye cream: Mix one part coconut oil and one part Vitamin E oil into a small jar. This non-irritating formula is okay to put near eyes. Will help fight crow’s feet and wrinkles.

If you don’t feel like creating your own potion, try Advanced Clinicals Coconut Moisturizing Cream. It nourishes and repairs dull, parched skin for deep hydration. The light and soothing sent is whipped with some organic ingredients mentioned above: Coconut Oil, Organic Lavender Extract, and Aloe Vera.

7 Beauty Resolutions You Can Make (And Keep!) in 2017

Have you set your goals for the new year already? If not, now is the time to do that and today I am sharing a few beauty goals that are a must for a healthy and gorgeous new year.

1Apply SPF Daily.

Every beauty blogger or dermatologist will tell you that sunscreen is important...and it is! Not only does it prevent pigmentation, but it is also the best way to slow the visible signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles. 

2 Declutter Your Makeup Stash

There will always be bigger and better things so its easy to accumulate a bunch of makeup that goes unused. Go through your stash and toss the items that you no longer use or have had for more than a year. Trust me, your morning routine will go by way quicker. 

3Wash Your Applicators and Wipe Down Your Storage

Since you're already in a cleaning mood, why not keep going. Make sure you clean your brushes and sponges in order to prevent any breakouts. Wipe down any storage bins or makeup bags so that dust and bacteria doesn't begin to pile up. 

4Remove Makeup Before Bed Time

Are you the type of person who gets to lazy to remove your makeup before going to bed? In that case, READ THIS! By going to bed with makeup on you are actually clogging up your pores and asking for breakouts to occur. Pick up a good cleanser or makeup remover to use before bed and your skin will thank you. 

5Down Time

We all love to binge watch TV and what is stopping you from multi-tasking during this time. Sheet masks are actually a good tool to use during this time. Simply place one on before you sit down to watch TV and remove 15 minutes later during a commercial. Those 15 minutes will allow your skin to soak in moisture and all the beneficial ingredients that work wonders. 

6Remove The Heat

We all love to look good no matter where we are going. But does that mean sacrificing your hair? Blow drying, ironing, or curling can cause your ends to end up fried, split, and dry. In order to avoid this, air drying and trying out up-do's are the way to go. embrace you natural hair and if you really want texture, simply braid and de-braid after an hour. 

7Try Something New

Have you always wanted to try out something new for a change but are worried about the end results? Yeah me too! But sometimes something new is good. Life is definitely too short and "what if's" are so not acceptable in the new year. So give it a go. The end result might surprise you. 

Achieve your goals and remember to embrace your beauty! 

XO, Advanced Clinicals


Photo by Greg Delves

Photo by Greg Delves

Olivia Rink Loves Our Argan Oil Cream!

Don't forget to check out Olivia's blog where she mentions the other 4 Things She Loves. 

We are head over heels due to the fact that Olivia Rink loves our Argan Oil Cream! She mentions that it is super important to moisturize your entire body every time after getting out of the shower because it is beneficial for both the health and appearance of your skin. Argan Oil is compromised of nutrients and antioxidants which hydrate the skin and fight against the loss of elasticity and firmness. 

"I’ve tried all different kinds of body lotions over the years, but Advanced Clinicals Argan Oil Beauty Cream is by far my favorite and what I use every single day." - Olivia Rink

Our spa size cream is packed full of Green Tea extracts, Aloe Vera, and Chamomile that tighten and firm your skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Soften and replenish dry skin with our non-greasy formula that leaves behind a fresh and light scent. If you’re interested in trying out Olivia's favorite body lotion, you can use code Olivia30 for 30% off your order at checkout. 

Wake up!! Your Caffeine Boost is waiting

When we arise from our comfy beds early in the morning, some of us choose to greet the day with a refreshing shower. The other half of us (or let’s face, maybe ALL of us), need some sort of caffeine boost. Tea might be the healthier option but it doesn’t always cut it when we are craving some high energy.  So, we turn to coffee for that extra oomph.


But don’t go grinding those beans just yet. Did you know pure green coffee beans have many benefits for the skin? Researches from Japan to Brazil have discovered that ingredients extracted from these beans have been scientifically shown to rejuvenate aging skin.


Benefits of Green Coffee Beans

Rich in Antioxidants: These little beans help reduce the damaging effects of free radicals that we are exposed to in our daily lives (pollution, smoke, radiation). Because they can eliminate these damaging elements, they will help get rid of dull and acne-prone skin.

Slows down visible aging: Because they can destroy those toxic radical substances, this consequently slows down the aging process as well.

Moisturizes skin: Green coffee beans are also rich in fatty acids, which help nourish and moisturize the skin to stop sagging, discoloration, and other severe damages.



Coffee and Jalapeno Body Scrub: This formula works to energize, purify, tone, and smooth skin. A perfect concoction for those worried about cellulite. The caffeine has firming properties, jalapeno draws out toxins, aloe is soothing, and mint makes you feel and smell fresh.


½ cup green coffee beans (you can grind these)

1 cup warm water

½ of a jalapeno pepper

1 bunch of fresh mint

½ cup aloe vera gel

Blend all ingredients together until they create a creamy paste. Apply the paste all over your body, kneading into areas that need extra firming, in a clockwise circular motion. Wrap yourself in a warm blanket for 20 min so ingredients can soak into your skin. Rinse the scrub off. Wait to apply your lotion until the next day (unless you are headed outside, in which case you will want to put extra SPF on your clean skin).


Coffee Face Mask: This mask is a classic for injecting life into a dull, tired complexion. Not only will this brighten your complexion, but it will also tighten it, revealing a more youthful you. The green coffee beans will act as an exfoliator and remove dead skin cells. Cocoa powder repairs environmental and free radical damage and is also great for fighting acne. Milk contains natural enzymes to help smooth and hydrate skin. Lemon juice lightens, tightens, and brightens, and is also great for regulating oil production. The honey locks in moisture, giving you that healthy glow you’ve been craving.


½ cup green coffee beans (grind your own or buy pre-ground)

½ cup organic, unsweetened cocoa powder

1 cup of unsweetened whole milk (or sub for unsweetened almond milk)

1 tbsp of lemon juice (for dry skin, substitute with olive or almond oil)

1 tbsp of honey (for extra oily or acne prone skin, use additional lemon juice here instead of honey)

In a bowl, mix ground green coffee beans with the cocoa powder. Add in milk, stir until it creates a paste. For a thicker paste, use less milk. Fold in lemon juice and honey. Apply to skin and let dry for up to 20 minutes. Wash off and store any extras in the fridge for up to 3 days.

*For extra exfoliation: apply in circular motions for a quick scrub (1-2 minutes), then allow to dry.

*For dark circles: mix the ground coffee beans with enough milk/olive oil to form a paste and apply to the under eye area once a day. Allow to dry and rinse off.


Also, be sure to try our Advanced Clinicals Green Coffee Bean Oil Thermo-Firming Cream for an energizing lift. Wake up and smell the coffee.