Which Serums Are Right For You?

In the video below, Miranda from Slashed Beauty goes over our 9 really popular face oils and what they're meant to do for your skin. She states that, "A good place to start in the effort of getting skin care savvy is becoming familiar with common ingredients found in products. Once you get to know and recognize these ingredients, you’ll start to be more confident about picking out products for your skin care routine."

Find out which serums or oils are right for you and continue watching the video until the end. Miranda shares a code that can help when checking out! Let us know your thoughts or which product you are most interested in trying out. 

The Wonders of Coconut Oil

If you’re a beauty product hoarder like most of us, then keeping track of all your bottles and concoctions overflowing on your vanity can be somewhat of a nightmare. You may have thought of downsizing but you can’t seem to let go of that favorite cleanser. Or moisturizer. Okay, and your lotions too. And you’re back to square one. Thankfully, there is a single item that can replace a handful of those products – even the ones you can’t seem to shed from your life. Better yet, it’s one hundred percent natural.



What makes Coconut Oil so special?

Coconut oil is the beauty essential that you’ve been waiting for. This moisturizing, antioxidant-filled miracle oil is beneficial in many ways. It is filled with saturated fats, called triglycerides, which not only plumps up the skin but also minimizes moisture loss through your skin’s pores. Coconut oil is also loaded with Vitamin E, which encourages the skin to repair itself and keeps your skin extra silky.

What can it do for me? 

Depending on how you use it, coconut oil can be your lifesaver. It can cure your acne, smoothen your hair, remove all of your makeup. Coconut oil is filled with Caprylic and Lauric Acids, which are the main properties that make up this beauty essential. These acids are antimicrobial and disinfecting, which means it will not clog your pores.


Which coconut oil is right for me? 

When using anything on your skin, it is important to use a reputable brand. Some terms to be aware of when purchasing are: “Extra Virgin” or “Virgin,” “Cold-Pressed,” “Organic,” “Raw,” and “Unrefined.” Natural and organic is always the best route to go.

What are some Coconut Oil creations?

Coconut sugar scrub: Mix in a mason jar 2 cups of coconut oil, 2/3 cup of body oil (Vitamin E and Jojoba oils are also great for skin), and 1 cup of organic raw white sugar. Apply all over body and face for a nice exfoliator in the shower.


Coconut body lotion: Mix in a mason jar 2 cups of coconut oil, ½ cup of body oil, ½ cup of aloe vera gel, 15 drops of essential oils (rosemary or lavender smells amazing). This lotion is extremely hydrating, fights aging and helps diminish stretch marks by nourishing damaged skin.

Coconut eye cream: Mix one part coconut oil and one part Vitamin E oil into a small jar. This non-irritating formula is okay to put near eyes. Will help fight crow’s feet and wrinkles.

If you don’t feel like creating your own potion, try Advanced Clinicals Coconut Moisturizing Cream. It nourishes and repairs dull, parched skin for deep hydration. The light and soothing sent is whipped with some organic ingredients mentioned above: Coconut Oil, Organic Lavender Extract, and Aloe Vera.

What does your nightly routine consist of?

Blair from The Fox and She recently shared her opinions on some of our Advanced Clinicals products on her blog and it seems that she enjoyed them quite a bit. For those of you who promised themselves at the beginning of the year to take better care of your skin, Blair is right there with you. Her nightly routine consists of our Retinol Serum, our Collagen Serum, and our Coconut Moisturizing Cream and according to her, she has seen great results. 

While people tend to have mixed reviews for serums and oils, Blair decided to give them a try after doing some research. She has incorporated the Retinol Serum during her night routine right before applying her moisturizing cream and the Collagen Serum in the morning to give her skin a fresh wake up call. Unsure of how they work? Head on over to her blog to read about how she uses them and the changes she has noticed. 

*Images are from The Fox and She Blog