Stretch Marks ruining your summer?

Happy National Watermelon Day! And before you ask if this is a real day, yes it is, look it up! So enjoy today, head to the pool, eat some watermelon slices on us, and show off your radiant skin. 

Uneasy about showing off your skin? Get proactive with our Stretch Mark Intensive Care Lotion this summer! While summer is coming to an end, there is still time to replenish your skin with hydrating nutrients and minimize the appearance of stretch marks with high performance ingredients. Whatever the reason - stretch marks, pregnancy, weight changes - it is time to stop wishing those marks away. Take action into your own hands!

Our Stretch Mark Lotion is made with Licorice Root extracts that combats dark spots and signs of discoloration. Shea Butter and Coffee Bean nourish your skin's surface to restore your skin to a smooth texture. Micro-Algae and Coconut Oil revitalize your's skin elasticity, tightening and firming those loose ends for supple, radiant skin. 

For more inspiration, head over to our Instagram account for daily beauty tips and swoon worthy pictures. And also don't forget to check out Kelly in the City's blog post where she highly recommends our stretch mark lotion for expecting mothers.