Argan Oil, We Cracked the Nut, Now Let's Get Crackin' on That Dry Skin

Here at Advanced Clinicals, we think about our wonderful consumers. We listen to your needs, your wants, and we have expanded our collection of Argan Oil products because we know what Argan Oil has to offer and we want you to receive its benefits. 

Where do we begin? At the source of course…

Argan fruit soaking up some sunshine on the Argan Tree, Morocco

Argan fruit soaking up some sunshine on the Argan Tree, Morocco

Argan Oil comes from Morocco and is extracted by hand from the fruit of a thorny tree, the Argan tree. Workers peel the outer layer of the fruit to make Argan Oil and then they must pound its inner nut with a rock to extract kernels, where the oil is extracted.

Argan Oil contains Vitamin E, is nutrient-rich, and has anti-inflammatory properties- which means its particularly great for your skin. The benefits are overwhelming; fights signs of aging, hydrates and softens dry skin, firms and tightens your skin to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, and as an added bonus – you can even apply it to the ends of your hair to reduce and tame frizz.

Here is an overview of the great benefits our Argan Oil products have to offer: 

Advanced Clinicals Argan Firming Body Oil is a rich and nourishing oil that soaks into the skin for a luminous glow. Infused with Caffeine, Shea Butter, and Jojoba Oil to dramatically firm and tone problem areas. Notice smoother, more hydrated and supple skin in just one week. 

Advanced Clinicals Spa Size Argan Oil Intensive Beauty Cream hydrates the skin and reduces the loss of elasticity and firmness. Our 16 oz spa size cream will give your whole body, from your split ends to your toenails, a restorative makeover. Soften and replenish severely dry skin with this ultra moisturizing cream. Infused with Green Tea, Aloe Vera and Chamomile to help firm and tighten skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Advanced Clinicals Argan Oil is non-greasy, lightweight, and gentle for all skin types. Infused with Spanish Lavender to reduce the look of wrinkles and line while tightening and firming skin. Our intensive Argan Oil strengthens nails and cuticles and tames frizzy hair for a perfect date night look. 

Are Night Creams More Effective than Day Creams?

The difference between day and night creams is that day creams tend to contain SPF and have a lighter consistency in order to apply before makeup. While both are needed for healthy skin, do heavier creams contain stronger ingredients and work better than day creams? Let's find out!

Nighttime products help maintain healthy skin and reduce signs of aging overnight. The nighttime is when the skin does the heavy lifting. Our skin works to restore and repair while we sleep so that night creams focus on moisture and recovery, hence why they are heavier. Night creams also tend to have a larger concentration of ingredients such as peptides and stronger actives like Retinol. Retinol boosts cell turnover to reduce dull skin and fine lines but is best used at night because it's known to increase skin's sensitivity to the sun. 

Others say that daytime and nighttime creams work just equally as effective. The active ingredients in day creams are different than those in night creams, but that doesn't mean they are not keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy. Day creams are known for having SPF and antioxidants that are most beneficial during the day. Due to the fact that the skin will most be in contact with the sun during the day, it is best to pick up a day cream that contains SPF because that could totally make a difference between having a youthful, glowing complexion or a dull aged one. 

However you put it, products that are used at night due tend to contain stronger active ingredients that are primarily for ant-aging but that doesn't mean that they are more effective than day creams. They both work for different purposes and get the job done. So remember to incorporate day and night creams into your skincare routine for flawless looking skin. 

Better yet, why not stock up now? Pick up our Vitamin C Day Cream and our Retinol Night Cream today!

Acne After Your Twenties

Do you suffer from horrible acne? You’re not the only one. Acne has always been considered an adolescent issue that tends to fade away after college. But many who are past their teenage years, still deal with breakouts. According to a study at Massachusetts General Hospital, “acne affects the complexions of 45 percent of women ages 21 to 30, 26 percent of women ages 31 to 40, and 12 percent of women ages 41 to 50.” Main causes for breakouts are common; stress, hormones, and ingredients in our own skin care products. 

Treatments that used to work in our teens are not specifically made for mature skin, hence causing dryness. Look for gentle exfoliators that cleanse clogged pores without leaving skin red or blotchy. Also, avoid any treatments with alcohol in them since they cause extra drying. Lastly, adjust your diet. Sugars and fats can increase levels that are typically linked to acne. 

4 Types of Skin Products to Avoid 

  1. Trendy Oils - pimple prone
  2. Light Cleansers - does not remove all excess oils that can clog up pores
  3. Heavy Moisturizers - leaves sticky residue behind clogging up pores
  4. Silicone Primers - any ingredient ending in -icone is never any good for your skin. 

9 Natural Acne Remedies

  1. Witch Hazel - improves the texture of your skin. Best for those with extremely oily skin. 
  2. Tea Tree Oil - Helps to reduce impurities and moderate oil production.
  3. Turmeric - Works great because of its properties to reduce irritation. Helps to moderate oil production. 
  4. Vitamin C - Has the ability to improve skin healthy while leaving your skin feeling bright and beautiful. 
  5. Clay Masks - Very effective for tightening up pores.
  6. Green Tea - Rich in antioxidants and helps to relieve irritation.
  7. Aloe Vera - Its soothing properties are known to calm and relieve blemished skin.
  8. Argan Oil - Works as a great moisturizer without leaving oily residue behind. Reduces dryness leaving your skin feeling smooth and even. 
  9. Coconut Oil - Known to moisturize dry skin reducing signs of aging. 

Lucky for you, we carry several oils and serums in our store to combat aging and dehydrated skin.

Simple Summer Skin Care Essentials

Summer air is here. You are wearing less clothes, you feel lighter, and you feel free. Sunny dispositions ensue. Make sure to treat that sunshine bliss well with some essential skin care practices. Keep it simple and keep it consistent.

The beach and the pool are calling your name, but you don’t want to forget your skin. A skin care routine is essential and here are just a few tips to keep your skin happy and glowing all summer long.


Photo credit:  Angelo Pennetta,   Vogue,   June, 2014

Photo credit: Angelo Pennetta, Vogue, June, 2014


1. Don't forget to cleanse morning and night.

If you are not practicing a skin care routine, don’t panic, you can begin anytime. Mid-twenties are usually a good time to get an idea of what products work best for you. Begin with simply cleansing your face morning and night, and follow up with a moisturizer. Be careful not to rub and when you are done, pat dry.  Why is this important? Think about a baby’s skin, would you rub? Probably not. You would intuitively protect by patting. Do the same with your beautiful skin. you don’t want to damage your skin cells.

In the summertime you are collecting more oil, sweat, pollutants, allergens, the list goes on, and it’s crucial to clean. 

2. Moisturize your face AND body.

Along with cleansing your face in the summertime and removing makeup, sweat, dirt, oils, it is essential you also moisturize and restore your skin with hydration, essential ingredients and nutrients. Advanced Clinicals Serums and Oils will work miracles on your skin. They are formulated to revitalize your skin. Packed with essential ingredients and antioxidants, these serums and oils will help reduce the look of age and sun spots. 

For moisturizing your whole body, use Advanced Clinicals Coconut Moisturizing Cream or Advanced Clinicals Alpha Hydroxy Acid Cream. They are both phenomenal! With gentle formulas that work for any skin type and after a swim or sunbathing in the sun, your sun-bleached skin will feel completely renewed. 

3. Sun Protection

Follow the rule to apply sunscreen to your face, neck, and arms every day, especially during the long and hot summer days.

Do not deny the benefits of sunscreen. Make this your simple summer mantra: After you cleanse, moisturize, and then sun protect. Outside of summer and even on cloudy, foggy days you really should wear sunscreen almost everyday because those rays are no joke.

Simplify even more by using a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen that works well with your skin tone; then you don’t need to overdo it with makeup. Less makeup really is more.

Bottom line: If you are going to bare your skin, face and body, please be mindful to wear sunscreen on those exposed parts. 

Okay, so you washed, you moisturized and you protected, anything else fun and smart that you can add to your summer skin care routine? How about misting your skin to cool off AND restore. 

4. Mist away! 

Mists are fun and while you bask in the sun, you can brag about your sexy attention to skin care detail and share with your friends.  

Have you tried misting? Misting is like a gentle kiss for your skin. There are lots of sprays on the market that are used as primers or act to set the makeup, but spray at the beach to replenish your skin, protect, and hydrate. Most of these products are equipped with ingredients that have skin protecting properties and act as a refreshing boost of hydration for your skin. Try some that have SPF for summer fun in the sun. What could be better? 

5. Makeup Free OR Waterproof Mascara.

Finally, this one is important. Give your face a rest from makeup in the summertime. Or, do the bare minimum. Make it a rule of thumb to wear sunscreen and mascara.

As most beauty and skin care professionals posit, it’s ideal for your skin to wear less makeup. Go natural when you can and if you can’t, use waterproof mascara as you hit the beach or the pool this summer, with your trusty sunscreen.

Trust me, your skin will thank you later!