Calming Baths for Different Occassions

A good bath does more than help you unwind. It can help boost your immune system, relax sore muscles, and offer relief from breakouts and itchy skin. Find out which bath is best for you and then give it a try. 

To Treat Breakouts: Blemishes appear anywhere and anytime! This happens when overactive oil glands get clogged up with dead skin cells and sebum. Try Epsom salts to clear unwanted blemishes for a radiant complexion. The magnesium-sulfate compound is anti-inflammatory and helps balance your skin's pH level to fight off breakout-causing bacteria. 

To Fight A Cold: The winter is among us and with that comes the drastic low temperatures and wind chills. When your nose is stuffy and you begin to feel aches and chills all over, slip into a eucalyptus-oil bath. The eucalyptus oil mixed with warm water helps open the sinus pathway due to its decongestant properties. 

To Find Some Zen: After a long and stressful week, its always good to come home and unwind. Sprinkle powdered clay into your bath to unplug yourself from all your problems. The clay's negatively charged particles attract the positively charged toxins that your body wants to eliminate, like metals and environmental pollutants.

To Soothe Sore Muscles:  To loosen stiff and sore muscles, sprinkle mustard seed into your tub. This is considered to be an ancient remedy used since biblical times. It has been known to enhance blood flow and help relieve stiffness and minor pain. 

To Lull You to Sleep: Hot water, mineral salts, and essential oils are the perfect blend for relaxing the mind and ensuring a good nights rest. Simply add some Valerian bath salts to the tub and notice how well rested you are the next day. 

To Ease Eczema: Eczema can be itchy and uncomfortable but an oatmeal bath can relieve those feelings. Mix warm water with finely milled oatmeal and notice the itchiness go away. Not only will it ease the itchy sensations, but it will hydrate and calm tight, irritated skin. 

After a relaxing and soothing bath,rehydrate your skin with some moisturizing body lotion.

Photo by: Chelsea Cavanaugh

Photo by: Chelsea Cavanaugh