Simple Summer Skin Care Essentials

Summer air is here. You are wearing less clothes, you feel lighter, and you feel free. Sunny dispositions ensue. Make sure to treat that sunshine bliss well with some essential skin care practices. Keep it simple and keep it consistent.

The beach and the pool are calling your name, but you don’t want to forget your skin. A skin care routine is essential and here are just a few tips to keep your skin happy and glowing all summer long.


Photo credit:  Angelo Pennetta,   Vogue,   June, 2014

Photo credit: Angelo Pennetta, Vogue, June, 2014


1. Don't forget to cleanse morning and night.

If you are not practicing a skin care routine, don’t panic, you can begin anytime. Mid-twenties are usually a good time to get an idea of what products work best for you. Begin with simply cleansing your face morning and night, and follow up with a moisturizer. Be careful not to rub and when you are done, pat dry.  Why is this important? Think about a baby’s skin, would you rub? Probably not. You would intuitively protect by patting. Do the same with your beautiful skin. you don’t want to damage your skin cells.

In the summertime you are collecting more oil, sweat, pollutants, allergens, the list goes on, and it’s crucial to clean. 

2. Moisturize your face AND body.

Along with cleansing your face in the summertime and removing makeup, sweat, dirt, oils, it is essential you also moisturize and restore your skin with hydration, essential ingredients and nutrients. Advanced Clinicals Serums and Oils will work miracles on your skin. They are formulated to revitalize your skin. Packed with essential ingredients and antioxidants, these serums and oils will help reduce the look of age and sun spots. 

For moisturizing your whole body, use Advanced Clinicals Coconut Moisturizing Cream or Advanced Clinicals Alpha Hydroxy Acid Cream. They are both phenomenal! With gentle formulas that work for any skin type and after a swim or sunbathing in the sun, your sun-bleached skin will feel completely renewed. 

3. Sun Protection

Follow the rule to apply sunscreen to your face, neck, and arms every day, especially during the long and hot summer days.

Do not deny the benefits of sunscreen. Make this your simple summer mantra: After you cleanse, moisturize, and then sun protect. Outside of summer and even on cloudy, foggy days you really should wear sunscreen almost everyday because those rays are no joke.

Simplify even more by using a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen that works well with your skin tone; then you don’t need to overdo it with makeup. Less makeup really is more.

Bottom line: If you are going to bare your skin, face and body, please be mindful to wear sunscreen on those exposed parts. 

Okay, so you washed, you moisturized and you protected, anything else fun and smart that you can add to your summer skin care routine? How about misting your skin to cool off AND restore. 

4. Mist away! 

Mists are fun and while you bask in the sun, you can brag about your sexy attention to skin care detail and share with your friends.  

Have you tried misting? Misting is like a gentle kiss for your skin. There are lots of sprays on the market that are used as primers or act to set the makeup, but spray at the beach to replenish your skin, protect, and hydrate. Most of these products are equipped with ingredients that have skin protecting properties and act as a refreshing boost of hydration for your skin. Try some that have SPF for summer fun in the sun. What could be better? 

5. Makeup Free OR Waterproof Mascara.

Finally, this one is important. Give your face a rest from makeup in the summertime. Or, do the bare minimum. Make it a rule of thumb to wear sunscreen and mascara.

As most beauty and skin care professionals posit, it’s ideal for your skin to wear less makeup. Go natural when you can and if you can’t, use waterproof mascara as you hit the beach or the pool this summer, with your trusty sunscreen.

Trust me, your skin will thank you later!