Collagen Instant Plumping Serum 1.75oz

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Collagen Serum 1.75oz.jpg

Collagen Instant Plumping Serum 1.75oz


Advanced Clinicals Collagen Serum supports the natural production of collagen in the epidermis. After using this face serum, your skin will look plumper and firmer than ever before. Especially helpful for lip lines, advanced formula will visibly restore volume to crevices. Powerful Soy Complex diminishes the look of crepe-like skin. Transform yourself and your skin with Collagen Instant Plumping Serum for a youthful glow. Soy Extracts target sagging, lost elasticity and facial lines. Paraben-Free, gentle alternative to injections.

"The Collagen Instant Plumping Serum makes my skin look fuller and more awake, which is why I’ve started using it in the morning just before putting on my moisturizer." -



Cleanse as usual. Apply pea-sized amount of Collagen Instant Plumping Serum to face and body, if desired. Focus on specific areas to reduce the look of wrinkles. Wait for serum to absorb. Use daily and nightly depending on skin preference and desired results.



Highly concentrated Collagen facial serum contains firming algae extract to support supple skin.

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Collagen Contents:

While most may think that serums are clear, our Collagen and Retinol serums come in a milky white formula, giving credit to their super moisturizing capabilities. Collagen Instant Plumping Serum is so moisturizing it appears like a lotion. Enriched with Olive-based ingredients, it's opaque because light can't pass through the hydrating and nourishing micro-droplets of oil. This densely packed serum is intensive, yet moisturizing at the same time. Allow it to absorb and watch your skin firm up naturally over time.